Translation Etc.



We can handle in-house Japanese / English / French translations and with our network of experienced translators, we are able to provide you with quick and accurate results for all your technical and general translation needs.

Below are a few examples of common translation jobs we handle:

  • New Japanese telecommunication standards (example: ARIB (Association or Radio Industries and Businesses) standards)
  • Technical Requirements established by Japanese carriers (example: PSTN tones or timing requirements proper conenction to Japanese public carriers)
  • Handbooks and manuals, and methods published by certification bodies (example: Specific test procedures for BLuetooth AFH mode, stipulated by CABs)
  • Law texts (example: extracts of the Radio Law for licensed devices such as PLC modems)
  • Equipment manuals and support documents for local distributors Certification bodies application support documents and test reports
  • Correspondence and information inquiries to certification bodies, government agencies Etc.

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