DATATrak News - November 2002

12 November 2002 - Wireless - ARIB new standards.

  Arib, the Association of Radio Industries and Businesses and the MMAC (Multimedia Mobile Access Communication Systems Promotion Council) (see our "Links" page)  have published the proposals for new standards and new versions of existing standards. Their final acceptance will be discussed during the next meeting of the standards committee to be held on November 27.

Among the proposals to be discussed of, we have noticed the following ones:

Broadband Mobile Access Communication System (HiSWANa)

Scope of application: 5GHz WLAN systems, indoors and outdoors
   The new version of this standard originally published in December 2000, stipulates the requirements for the new frequencies allocated to this category of products. The following three bands and channels are now available:

A - 4900 - 5000 MHz
    4920, 4940, 4960, 4980 MHz
B - 5030 - 5091 MHz
    5040, 5060, 5080 MHz (Until 2007/11/30)
C - 5150 - 5250 MHz
    5170, 5190, 5210, 5230 MHz

   Frequencies in the C band are for indoor use only. The environment for the use of frequencies in bands A and B are not specified. (However, the current applications for these channels are currently NWA and FWA, and are subject to Licensing.)

   In addition to the Technical Conditions regulatory markings, WLAN systems to be used indoors (C band) have to carry a warning message reminding that the use of the device is only allowed indoors. The warning must also appear on the package, manuals, catalog and pamphlets related to this device.

Low Power Data Communication Systems
Broadband Mobile Access Communication System (HiSWANb) 
V.1.0 (First Edition)

Scope of application: 25GHz WLAN systems
   The first edition of this standard stipulates requirements for High Speed Wireless Access Network type b. The following bands are now available:

A - 24.77 - 25.23 GHz
B - 27.02 - 27.46 GHz

For more information about this standard, contact us.

Power Line Communication Equipment (10kHz - 450kHz)
V.1.0 (First Edition)

 Scope of application: devices transmitting over in-premises power circuits
   The first edition of this standard stipulates requirements for Interphones, standard and particular  broadcast devices using 10kHz to 450kHz  frequencies.

For more information about this standard, contact us.

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