DATATrak News - June 2003

5 June 2003 - Revision of the Radio Law and announced changes
    A revision of the radio Law was announced in the Official journal. Amendments cover mostly the following items:
- Simplified license application process for some categories of equipment.
- New designation of "recognized test facility" as "registration facility"
- New designation of "certification body" as "registration body"
- Increase of CB responsibility in problems involving certified products
- Definition of tasks and duties for Manufacturers or Importers self-declaring the conformity of their equipment with the Radio Law.
- Definition of repressive clauses against above listed parties submitting false declarations about their radio equipment.

    Please note that currently, the scope of radio equipment falling under the SDoC scheme has not been set yet. The MPHPT does not currently have a precise schedule, but final decisions should be made within the year.

    Other changes: The format of the certification numbers for wireless equipment will change in July 03 as follow: the 2 digits code identifying the CB will be extended to 3, in order to cover foreign certification bodies. 

   Regarding wired equipment, it seems that all categories of equipment will fall under the SDoC scheme, to be applied in 2004. However, important items such as applicant restrictions, Etc. have not been defined yet.

More information will follow !

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