DATATrak News - June 2002

24 June 2002 - JATE Applications in English ?  TELEC and 2.4GHz WLAN testing

  JATE should soon be announcing their acceptance of application files partially prepared in English. This new rule, expected to be enforced in July 2002, would allow the submission of an application to JATE with a test report part (only) in English. The remaining information, documents and forms  still have to be prepared in Japanese. 

  In the scope of 2.4GHz data communication systems (802.11b ch1 - 14 , Bluetooth) testing, TELEC is currently modifying the software of their automated test benches in order to correct the Occupied Bandwidth and Spread Bandwidth  measurement method. The new version should improve the consistency of the results generated by their rental and certification test benches.

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11 June 2002 - JATE Certification for OC-192c, STM-64 I/F (9.6Gb/s) started !  

  With the servicing of 9.6Gb/s leased lines by Crosswave Communications, (CWC) the JATE certification for OC-192c and STM-64 interfaces has become mandatory.

As for other types of optical interfaces, only the optical output power is stipulated by JATE as follows:

Average Optical Output Power: less than +2dBm

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4 June 2002 - SAR Testing and Certification at TELEC

  As Reminded during an explanatory meeting held in Tokyo by TELEC today, effective June 1, 2002. SAR testing and certification is  now mandatory in Japan for mobile phone terminals.
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