DATATrak News - July 2002

22 July 2002 - JATE -  New application forms in English uploaded ! + Discount ?!

  As announced in the "June 2002" news, JATE now accepts application files partially prepared in English. Documents and forms which can be submitted to JATE in English are available on JATE home page, by clicking [application forms] in the "Contents" Menu. Please keep in mind that application forms, and other powers of attorney still have to be prepared in Japanese.

  For future JATE certification projects, should the applicant provide DATATrak with his test report prepared with the above mentioned  application and test forms in English, DATATrak will automatically give a 10% discount on the project handling fee. Therefore, download and update your forms !

8 July 2002 - JATE -  Clarification on LAN interfaces certification

  JATE certification for LAN type products was enforced last year. However, that doesn't mean every type of LAN card, Router or Hub carrying LAN (10, 100, 1000Base-xx) interfaces should be submitted to JATE.

  The establishment of this new LAN requirement was motivated by the servicing of internet connection by Japanese Cable TV companies, and the publication of their Technical Requirements. Therefore, the JATE certification applies only to products to be connected to Cable TV communication networks, supporting PPPOE. (Point-to-point protocol over Ethernet)

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