DATATrak News - January 2004

January 2004 - Season's Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year !

   - New TE (wireline Terminal Equipment) certification process 

   In parallel to the SDoC process to be implemented on January 2004 for Japanese manufacturers and applicants, JATE (The Japan Approvals Institute for Telecommunications Equipment) and the MPHPT have announced the following changes during a seminar held on December 15, 2003. From January 26, the following changes will apply:
1 - Modification of Terminal Equipment application process and documents requirements.
     - Testing for a JATE application should be performed with calibrated test equipment. The copy of a calibration certificate, not older than 1 year should be included in the application.
     - Testing should comply with methods stipulated in the MPHPT notices
     - Test Data should be kept during 10 years
2 - Reduction of JATE certification fees 
     - New fees will be announced soon
3 - Modification of the JATE certification numbers
     - The "JP" part in the JATE certification number will change to "001", but it is still unclear if old certification numbers will change in the case of a partial modification

The new process will be further clarified by JATE and the MPHPT in the coming days.

   - Type I Inspection certification granted to Datatrak 

   In addition to the current Specified Radio Equipment inspection, Datatrak has been granted Type I inspection certification from the MPHPT, allowing the testing and assessment of  various wireless base stations. (mobile phone Etc.)

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