DATATrak News - February 2003

IEEE802.11a Japanese version: ARIB has set a workgroup in charge of updating the ARIB version of IEEE802.11a, the STD-T71  with the outdoor frequencies authorized in 2002 for the 4.9GHz and 5.0GHz bands. 

Test applications: In four years of test submissions at TELEC, we have never been requested to test the RF characteristics at Vin +/- 10%. The officers, verifying the presence of adequate regulators in the power supply of the applied unit, were only testing at the standard input voltage.
   However, for the first time this year, we have been requested to prepare our customer samples with variable external power sources to run the test at Vin+10% and Vin-10%. This requirement is easy to implement for externally powered standalone test samples, but can raise unexpected difficulties for card-type products, requiring the use of particular riser cards.
   Should you require assistance with this requirement, and be looking for the proper riser card, feel free to contact us, we have a few in stock ! (PCI-MPC3, MPCI3-MPCI3, Etc.)

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