DATATrak News - February 2002

13 February 2002 - Telecommunications Interfaces re-classification

The Japanese Government has announced, in the official gazette, the re-classification of the following technical requirements interfaces to the technical conditions (enforced  February 13, 2002):


- ADSL G.992.1 (G.dmt) Annex A and Annex C
- ADSL G.992.2 (G.lite) Annex A and Annex C
- SSDSL G.992.1 (G.dmt) Annex H
- G.957 (52Mb/s)

- G.957 (155Mb/s) I-1, S-1.1, S-1.2, L-1.1, L-1.2, L-1.3
- G.957 (622Mb/s) I-4, S-4.1, S-4.2, L-4.1, L-4.2, L-4.3
- G.957 (2.488Gb/s) I-16, S-16.1, S-16.2, L-16.1, L-16.2, L-16.3
- ISO 8802-3 Section 26, 100Base-FX
- ISO 8802-3 Section 38.3, 1000BASE-SX

- ISO 8802-3 Section 38.4, 1000BASE-LX
- ATM-Forum af-phy-0062 (155Mb/s)
- ISO 8802-3 Section 25, 100BASE-TX
- I.432.5 (25Mb/s)
- G.703 recommendation (45Mb/s)
- I.430, I.430a
- I.431, I.431a


This re-classification has the following consequences on the current certification process:


- The fees for the certification of technical conditions interfaces will apply. (see the fees on JATE home page.)

- The application forms for technical conditions have to be used.

- The format of some other forms will change

- The certification label and certification number will follow the technical conditions format (in a few words, the number will be D02-XXXXJP, instead of L02-XXXX, and the "circle mark" and "bordered T mark" must be shown.)


What about already approved equipment ?


Should you have obtained certification for one of the above listed interfaces in the past under the old scheme, (as technical requirements equipment: L01-XXXX) your certification is still valid and doesn't need to be updated. Should your equipment be modified in the future and re-submitted to JATE, the new certification will be granted for compliance with the technical conditions, and the certification number upgraded to the D02-XXXXJP  format.


To summarize:


The consequences of this change are almost only cosmetics in the way an application file has to be prepared and submitted to JATE. The test requirements don't change.


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