DATATrak News - August 2004

  - August 2004 - RF products certification number labelling

   For a type-approved RF equipment, the certification number has the following format:
- 123 is the certification body code (001: TELEC, 003: DSPR, Etc)
- AB is the category of the RF equipment
- 45 is the year the certificate was granted (04 for 2004)
- 678 is a sequential number, set to 000 at the beginning  of the calendar Year
- 0000 gives indication on eventual modifications of the original certificate.
   Until now, it was possible to omit the last four digits. However, because it has become difficult for the authorities to verify the versions of the certified equipment, the indication of these four digits on the certification label will become mandatory for equipment submitted after August 1, 2004.

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