DATATrak News - April 2003

New application forms for 10GigE posted
A new series of application forms and amended documents have been posted on the JATE home page ( for the application of 10Gb/s transmission equipment, such as 10GigE or G.691services available from NTT, KVH and other carriers.
    Wireless equipment used for "hotspot" communication
More and more carriers are servicing wireless access communication in public places, such as in cafes. Connection to such "hotspot" services require TELEC and JATE approved wireless LAN cards. Should a wireless LAN card does not support hotspot communication, JATE certification can be waived, as announced in the Datatrak News - April 2002 issue.

Japanese Certification
    The current CBs situation in Japan
Currently, the following CBs have been appointed for wired and wireless certification in Japan:

 Wired Communication Equipment CBs:
    - JATE (Tokyo)
    - DSP Research (Osaka)
    - TUV Rheinland Japan (Yokohama)

 Wireless Communication Equipment CBs:
    - TELEC (Tokyo)
    - DSP Research (Osaka)
    - Chemitox (Tokyo)

    Even though the requirements based on the applicable laws are the same, (Radio Law, Telecommunications Business Law) their application slightly differ between these CBs. Therefore, depending on the applied equipment, the applicant's needs and resources, some CBs may offer more interesting processes than the others. Feel free to contact us for advices.  

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