DATATrak News - April 2002

24 April 2002 - Wireless, News and Rumors

- Extension of the 5.2GHz band for wireless LAN use ?
    Discussions are being currently held at the Japanese MPHPT (formerly the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications) about the possible extension of the 5.2GHz band for wireless LAN (IEEE802.11a) use.  Two possibilities are studied: the 4.9G - 5.0 GHz band  (for Outdoor use) and the 5.03G - 5.091GHz band, formerly reserved for Microwave Landing System
iMLSj which is not used in Japan. A decision is expected for (the earliest) July 2002.

- Power line communication, extension of the authorized BW:
   A study meeting will be held at the MPHPT on April 30, to discuss the addition of the 2M - 30 MHz BW to the current 10k - 450kHz BW, in order to allow faster communication over power lines. A decision is expected for July 2002.

- ARIB STD T-66 V2.0 (Japanese) released !
   The STD T-66 standard, published by ARIB (see our links page) covers the requirements for 2.4GHz, IEEE802.11b wireless lan systems. In the new 2.0 version, the articles related to OFDM modulation, and the use of high gain antenna were added.

17 April 2002 - New Blue and Green books available !

The latest versions of the Blue and Green books are available in English on JATE home page. ( They can be downloaded for free, (PDF files) and cover the latest technical conditions and requirements.

11 April 2002 - JATE and the provisions of Article 9

As already announced on JATE home page, ( Application of wireless LAN or Bluetooth equipment for compliance with the provisions or Article 9 (equipment using radio waves) is no more mandatory. (for more information, check the articles on the above home page)
However, should the applicant request certification for such equipment, JATE will provide the same certification service as in the past. 

9 April 2002 - 2.4GHz - FH - RFID standard

ARIB, the Association of Radio Industries and Businesses has announced a new standard, the ARIB STD-T81 covering 2.4GHz FH RFID systems. ARIB standards can be purchased (some in English) at ARIB.

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