DATATrak News - 2005

December 2005 - Revision of Wireless Equipment Spurious Requirements

  In the Ministry Notice No 666, enforced on 1 December 2005, the Spurious Emission strength measurement requirements have been amended as follows:

1 - Measurement Frequency Ranges
   From 9kHz up to 110GHz, or twice the center frequency, whichever is highest.
   Upper and Lower measurement limits are set per frequency ranges as follows   

Frequency Range of the fundamental wave Lower frequency of measurement range Upper frequency of measurement range
9kHz - 100MHz 9kHz 1GHz
100MHz - 300MHz 9kHz 10th harmonic
300MHz - 600MHz 30MHz 3GHz
600MHz - 5.2GHz 30MHz 5th harmonic
5.2GHz - 13GHz 30MHz 26GHz
13GHz - 150GHz 30MHz 2nd harmonic
150GHz - 300GHz 30MHz 300GHz

2 - Measurement Conditions
   The EUT should be in standard modulated transmission mode.

3 - Please note that the above conditions apply as of December 2005. However, a grace period, during which the old rules may still apply,  is given until December 2007.

   Specific rules and limits apply to WLAN and Bluetooth equipment. Please contact us for more information.

June 2005 - About Medical Implant Communication Service

   The Japanese Government is currently discussing about the implementation of Medical implant Communication Service (MICS) and related radio frequency allocation.

The proposed technical conditions were set as follows:

Frequency Allocation

402 – 405MHz

Transmission Method

Simplex, Once-way or Multiplex

Radio Waves Type

A1D, F1D, G1D



Antenna Power

<25uW (EIRP)

Antenna Power Error

-50%< Antenna Power < +20%

Unwanted Emission

<250nW in a +/-150kHz BW from the center frequency

Leaked Emission Prevention

The programming radio equipment should be equipped with a carrier sensing function to monitor emitted RF signals. However, the implant does not require a carrier sensing function.

   The proposed frequency bandwidth is currently allocated to weather monitoring station, radio robots, Etc. and its implementation will require an amendment of the Radio Equipment Regulations. In the latest update from the Ministry, the implementation should be enforced on December 1st 2005.

   Feel free to contact us for more information !

May 2005 - New Frequencies allocated for 5GHz WLAN

   Please contact us for more information about this matter.

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