• Scope of Certification
  • Application Type
  • Fees
  • Timeframe


  • Process Review
  • Items required
  • Testing Assistance
  • Application Filing
  • Submission to the CAB
  • Issue of the certificate


Scope of Certification

On-the-premises wired (and wireless) telecommunication terminal equipment (hereinafter referred to as: "device") to be connected to public networks. (e.g. Telephone, Analog or ADSL Modem, Cellular Phone, HomePNA Concentrator, etc.)

Application Type

Document application. A document package, including information about the device, the applicant and the manufacturer, a test report, prepared in accordance with specified test methods is required in order to complete the application. Please note that the test report can be prepared by the applicant as long as the test equipment have been calibrated less than a year prior to the test date. When test conditions match the japanese requirements, an existing test report prepared for another country/agency can also be used.


Handling and certification fee depend on the category(ies) of the device(*1), on the certification body (CAB) (*2) and applicable process.

(*1) By trunk type: Analog PSTN, ISDN, ADSL, Etc. or device type: Modem, PBX, Fax, Etc.

(*2) Many ministry-appointed certification bodies are now available in Japan and overseas. We usually work with the most trusted, cheap and reliable ones, but the applicant can chose the CAB he wants to obtain certification from.

In general, the following fees apply:

  • Handling fee - for the handling of the application from the filing until the delivery of the certificate
  • CAB fee - the certification fee to be paid to the chosen certification accredited body
  • Translation fee - if support documents are not yet available in Japanese.

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An usual timeframe for the issuance of the certificate is 0 (same day) to 3 business days once the application is submitted to the CAB. (JATE)

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