• Scope of Certification
  • Application Type
  • Fees
  • Timeframe


  • Process Review
  • Items required
  • Testing
  • Application Filing
  • Submission to the CAB
  • Issue of the certificate


Scope of Certification

On-the-premises wireless equipment (hereinafter referred to as: "device") . (e.g. WLAN card, Bluetooth(R) Headset, Microwave Speed Meter, etc.)

Application Type

Unlicensed low power devices

Typical devices in this category: Bluetooth(R) headsets, IEEE802.11a/b/g/n WLAN adapters, remote controllers, wireless microphones, Etc.

Test application. A document package, including information about the device, the applicant and the manufacturer, test samples are required in order to complete the application.

Please note that the testing has to be carried out by a test laboratory authorized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. DATATrak Wireless test facilities have Type I and Specified Radio Equipment Certification.

Licensed devices

Typical devices in this category: Mobile phone base stations, High power 5GHz wireless access systems, Satellite communication devices, Etc.

Test application to the CAB in accordance with specific requirements from the specific carrier(s) the device will communicate with and license application to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications local bureau.

Devices "using high frequencies"

Typical devices in this category: 13.56MHz RFID, high speed PLC modems, extremely weak power devices

Test application to the local bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and license application depending on the category of the device.


Unlicensed low power devices

Handling, testing and certification fee depend on the category(ies) of the device or the RF signal, on the certification body (CAB) (*1) and applicable process.(*2)

(*1) Many ministry-appointed certification bodies are now available in Japan and overseas. We usually work with the most trusted, cheap and reliable ones, but the applicant can chose the CAB he wants to obtain certification from.

(*2) New application with testing, partial modification paperwork only or simple notification

In general, the following fees apply:

  • Handling fee - for the basic testing of the device and the handling of the application from the filing until the delivery of the certificate
  • Additional testing fee - for any particular testing required, such as DFS, power supply stability, environmental testing, Etc.
  • CAB fee - the certification fee to be paid to the chosen certification accredited body
  • Translation fee - if support documents are not yet available in Japanese.

Other categories

Certification fees depend on requirements and applicable items specific to each category of devices.

Please contact us for a quote.

Certification Timeframe

Unlicensed low power devices

The timeframe for the testing depends on the device, but as a reference, the testing for a Bluetooth(R) device takes approximately a half-day. Devices supporting several types of protocols can take longer. (e.g. IEEE802.11abgn devices)

Now, an usual timeframe for the issuance of the certificate is 1 to 3 weeks once the application and compliant test report is submitted to the CAB.

Other categories

The timeframe depends on the category of the device, whether a licensing process is required or not, and a general scheme cannot apply.

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